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How to Choose the Right Tree Company

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How do you pick the best business? What precautions must be taken to prevent tree service fraud? Here are the tips from Legends Tree Service on how to choose a tree service company.


Unfortunately, our sector is full of swindlers, fly-by-night criminals, and tree services that deliver subpar outcomes, which is bad news for both you and those of us trying to establish respectable tree businesses.


These ought to assist in directing you in the proper direction:


Insurance Policies

Check to see if the tree services you are thinking about have the necessary workers’ compensation and liability insurance. The insurance company for the tree service should send all certificates of insurance straight to you. If not, it might be a fake certificate. You are responsible if a business experiences an accident but does not have the appropriate insurance. You’ll be responsible for covering the cost of both your property’s repairs and any injuries that may have resulted from the collision.



Better Business Bureau

Verify the Better Business Bureau accreditation of the questioned company. Although the BBB is not as powerful as it once was, accreditation is still a reliable sign of a trustworthy service. Additionally, find out the company’s rating. The BBB should have the tree service in excellent standing.




Find out the tree service’s reputation in the neighborhood by doing some research. Positive online evaluations for the correct tree service should be found in several different locations. Verify the membership of the questioned company in a respectable trade organisation. How long has the firm been operating? Do they have any grievances on neighborhood message boards, discussion groups, etc.? If you want an added level of assurance, ask the organization for recommendations. It is usually worthwhile to spend some time researching, especially for costly undertakings.



Too Cheap?

Prices that look too good to be true usually are. We all enjoy a good deal. However, if a tree service offers you a very low price, it can be because they a) lack experience, b) lack the necessary insurances and certifications, or c) just plan to finish a portion of the project.



Too Expensive?

Do not allow a slick-talking salesman convince you that $9000 is a fair price for removing a tiny oak tree in your front yard if the price appears excessive.



Multiple Estimates

How can I tell if a price is too high or too cheap, you may be wondering. “We advise getting quotes from at least three different businesses. You should be able to determine what pricing is typical based on the three estimations. We advise you to meet with each representative in person, if at all possible. This will allow you to assess the company’s professionalism and level of knowledge. You will be able to study more, ask questions, and do other things as a result.



Avoid Door-to-Door Contractors

Never work with door-to-door contractors, especially for big projects like removing trees. This is something that the BBB and several district attorneys’ offices around the nation frequently advise against. Oftentimes, door-to-door salespeople are con artists that prowl from town to town preying on householders, especially the elderly. You won’t have to worry about falling for a scam if you simply decide not to do business with them. Furthermore, making a decision to perform tree work on the spur of the moment is not a wise move because there are too many factors that need to be properly taken into account beforehand.


Pay When Satisfied

The most crucial tip to abide by when choosing a tree service is to never pay for a tree removal or tree trimming project until you are completely satisfied with the work. Many times, homeowners may pay in advance for a tree service project, only to never hear from the company again. Unreliable tree services frequently start a work, collect payment (for any variety of justifications, such as “I need to pay my staff,” “we need money for petrol,” “we need payment to finish the job,” etc.), and then abandon it. This is especially true when removing stumps. In this instance, the company has removed the tree entirely and is now requesting money with the assurance that it will come later to remove the stump. The business leaves after being paid and never comes back. Never spend a penny until you are satisfied with the service and the project is performed completely.

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