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How Trees Can Improve Your Well-Being and Mood

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Being outside in nature or strolling through a forest has a relaxing effect on most individuals, especially after the past 18 months of recurrent lockdowns!


But did you know that you don’t even need to visit a nearby park in order to reap the rewards of being in nature? The presence of trees can have a significant impact on our quality of life even in the most urban settings. Amazingly, science has validated these effects.


We’ll examine all the wonderful ways that trees affect our health and wellness by clicking here.



Trees make us feel happier


Urban environs influence our way of life and how we feel, but there hasn’t been any conclusive research to support this until recently. However, a recent international study produced unmistakable findings: happier individuals correlate with greater green space!


Even though it is impossible to add fresh green spaces in every town or city, planting trees along our roadways is an obvious strategy to gain these advantages.


The habitat that trees create for birds, insects, and other animals engages our senses and connects us to nature on a regular basis, increasing our desire to be outside. More opportunities for social interaction and the development of a sense of place are two side effects of this. All are necessary for our mental health.


A recent study found that residents in streets lined with trees are even less likely to receive an anti-depressant prescription.



Trees reduce stress


Being around trees lowers blood pressure, calming us down and reducing tension. According to research, spending just 3 to 4 minutes in a green environment can have a favorable impact.


Even persons with ADHD can experience a relaxing impact on a roadway surrounded with trees, according to studies. They also have a link to generally lower blood pressure.


Stress and anxiety are among the mental health issues that one in six adults will deal with in any given week. Despite the complexity of the underlying factors, research have demonstrated that trees have a meaningful and beneficial impact on our emotional and psychological health.



They can also improve our physical wellness.


Simply put, it’s more comfortable to live and travel on streets surrounded with trees. In fact, more trees have been found to be associated with decreased incidences of overweight and obesity. This is especially true in locations with a lack of social support.



The reasons for this?


Well, if there are trees around, we’re more likely to go for a walk. They protect us from the sun’s harsh rays and the rain, and they also give us a sense of security. Studies have demonstrated that a single tree canopy’s shade can aid to lower temperatures. Naturally, the shade also helps shield our skin from UV rays, which can lead to sunburn, heat exhaustion, and skin cancer.



We need trees now more than ever


The power of the outdoors has never been more essential to human welfare in recent memory. Nature has provided comfort during the pandemic, and many of us now value it more than ever.


Even when we are unable to leave the house, simply gazing out onto a lush, green street might benefit us. Employees who can view the outside from their desks report being more satisfied with their jobs and taking 23% fewer sick days than those who couldn’t.


The advantages that trees provide us, however, go beyond being a luxury enjoyed by more affluent places. The quantifiable advantages of trees can have significant effects on our quality of life and society, resulting in a livable environment with contented and healthy citizens.

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