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Tree Maintenance Tips for Fall

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In anticipation of losing their leaves, deciduous trees have already started to change color. Fall’s arrival is an excellent opportunity to get trees ready for their dormant season.


Because disease spores are discharged at this time of year and may lodge into the wounds, the local tree trimming contractors cautions against trimming trees in the fall. However, there are certain things you can do to take care of trees in the fall to keep them healthy because they are good for the environment as well as your home and yard.


Delete any fallen or dead trees.


The neighboring healthy trees and potentially your home could be harmed by the deterioration, which can attract insects and illness.


Remove dangers


Fall is an excellent time to cut back on dangerous branches that could fall and ruin your home or seriously injure someone.


Eliminate errant seedlings.


A few seedlings may have appeared next to your house over the past few months, possibly helped by rainwater from your gutters. In order to prevent the seedlings’ roots from penetrating your foundation and impairing the stability of your home, it is best to remove them.


Bug repellent spray


A tree’s health and stability can be preserved by preventing insects and vermin from further penetrating the tree during the fall.


Tree wrap


Without their leaves, some trees may experience winter sun scald, which can cause the bark to become severely damaged and perhaps fall off. Cover young trees with a paper tree wrap to prevent sunburn. Burlap should be used to protect older trees next to the road from salt sprays.


Plant New Trees


Fall is a fantastic time to plant new trees because there is no danger of getting burned in the blazing sun. The fall’s colder temperatures actually encourage development and aid in the establishment of deep roots in your new tree. Healthy root development in the fall will undoubtedly result in abundant top growth in the spring.


Apply Fertilizer


Your trees will need all the nutrients they can receive during the fall and winter, as was previously explained. Use of tree fertilizer is a terrific concept to encourage outstanding tree health. Applying tree fertilizer around the base of your tree will help it store extra nutrients that will give it the strength it needs to survive winter while also replacing nutrients that were lost over the summer.


Keep Your Trees Hydrated


Fall is frequently accompanied by cool, dry air, so it’s crucial for trees to be well hydrated. We advise against using sprinklers to irrigate your trees. Instead, deeply water the roots once or twice a week with your hose. In order to prevent evaporation and allow the water to reach the roots, it is typically better to water early in the morning. You should make sure that the soil surrounding your tree is moist but not drenched.


Pull away mulch


To prevent fungus growth, leave a 6-inch distance between your tree and the mulch.

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