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When Should Trees Be Cut Down?

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What time of year is the cheapest to have a tree taken down, people frequently ask us? The price to remove a tree might vary depending on a number of factors. The time of year the tree is removed is another important element. There is a true best season for felling trees.


The quick answer is that winter and spring months are often far more affordable for tree removal, making those seasons the best times to have trees removed. We’ll cover other issues to be aware of and things to think about as you get quotes from reputable arborists below, as well as why winter or early spring is the cheapest time of year for tree removal.



The price to cut down a tree depends on the workload of the company.


Pricing for many of the top local tree service companies frequently depends heavily on supply and demand. The best tree contractors may cut their prices during the winter and spring months when there is normally less of a demand for tree removal in order to maintain constant business. Because many individuals don’t consider about their trees during the colder months, we at Legends Tree Service offer more affordable rates during this time. If a homeowner is seeking for the most cost-effective time to remove a tree from their property, this could result in a considerable savings.



Why Is Winter The Best Season To Cut Down Trees?


The optimal time of year to contact a local tree service for your tree removal project is thought to be latter winter or early spring for a number of reasons. Given that February and March are considered to be the “dormant season” for trees, these months are statistically the least expensive for tree removal. The trees’ leaves have dropped during the winter, making it simpler for a tree service to rapidly and safely cut down the tree.


This time of year is regarded as the greatest for the environment and is good for tree removal as well. While a top tree service removes the tree, the surrounding dirt is less affected by the chilly ground. The neighboring plants may stay in place while the tree is being removed if the ground is frozen.


On the other hand, the stormy or windy months of late spring and summer can be quite busy for top tree services. This is when locations can require emergency tree services and removals, which will also affect the cost to cut down a tree.



Beware of Extremely Low Tree Removal Bids


Rates for tree removals should be suspiciously and noticeably low because most reputable tree companies with tree experts on staff in Oregon have licenses and up-to-date equipment to maintain. If this is the case, we advise caution because it may indicate that the company is cutting costs in a crucial area in order to offer the lowest price for cutting down a tree. But regardless of the season, the cheapest price is not always the greatest price.



Contact The Best Arborists


Despite “busy” or “dormant” seasons, you can have a tree removed at any time of the year, albeit from a financial standpoint, winter is the optimum time. It can affect the price.

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